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5 awesome bamboo products for your office

Going green is getting easier, and the products and ideas reach every corner of life. You can get a greener car, a greener kitchen, and now, and a greener office space. Whether working from home, or organizing your own cubicle, these five great bamboo office products will help you work with a greatly reduced carbon footprint.


1) Bamboo Flooring

1 bamboo flooring

Linoleum, tile, concrete, and carpet are often used in office settings, but if you really want a greener and warmer office, consider making the switch to bamboo flooring. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also strong, functional, and eco-friendly. You can find lots of information about which type of bamboo flooring is best for your business and office environment, but this is one surefire way to bamboo-up your office.


2) Bamboo Speakers

3 bamboo speaker

Believe it or not, you can have the greenest speakers around, made from 100% bamboo, and using zero electricity. Anatoliy Omelchenko designed the electricity-free iBamboo Speaker in 2011, and has been successfully pumping them out ever since. This simple speaker intensifies the stereo effect of the iPhone, and amplifies the sound in two directions, creating beautiful acoustic music. It holds the iPhone 4 and 4S perfectly, but with a little adjusting, can also be used with other iPods.


3) Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

2 bamboo keyboard

Whether you work from home, or you’re shoulder to shoulder with dozens of cubicles, a great way to green up your own office is to get a beautiful and fun bamboo keyboard and mouse. Impecca USA, iZen Bamboo, and Brando are known for their beautiful bamboo computer peripherals, so check them out if you want to spice up your desktop.


4) Bamboo Chair Mat

4 bamboo chair mats

If the big boss isn’t ready to redo the entire office, or you can’t shell out the cash for new floors, consider getting a bamboo chair mat instead of the standard plastic one. Bamboo chair mats come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors, and are a beautiful and eco-friendly way to protect your floors.


5) Bamboo Space Savers and Desk Organizers

5 bamboo desk organizers

Finally, everyone’s favorite office accessory: space savers. Swap out those old metal and plastic organizers and replace them with the eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing bamboo varieties instead—it’s a great way to bring the warmth of bamboo to your desk, while being organized and eco-friendly. That’s three birds with one stone.

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