5 best apps for nursing school students


Life doesn’t stop when you’re a nursing student. You still have family obligations, a home to care for, and perhaps other work demands, as well. Simplify your student years by taking advantage of all forms of technology available to you, including online classes and helpful learning apps.

Here are five of today’s top apps to help you breeze through those tough nursing classes.

Davis Mobile NCLEX-RN Med-Surg

Pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) with flying colors. This digital quizmaster, created by a PhD and RN, provides over 1,000 study questions that specifically target the material on the NCLEX. Automatic feedback allows you to gauge how well you understand important surgical nursing concepts.

Create-your-own-quiz features help you zero in on the facts and concepts you struggle with the most. At $15.99, the invaluable tutelage this app provides is more than worth the cost.

Pocket Body: Musculoskeletal

The human body has around 640 muscles and 212 bones. Each of these muscles and bones has a name, which means nursing students have nearly 900 terms to memorize in the musculoskeletal category alone. Pocket Body: Musculoskeletal is an interactive atlas of the human body that features an intuitive navigational system for your reference and study.

Delve into this hand-held guide even where Wi-Fi isn’t available; it’s much easier than lugging 40 pounds of reference material everywhere you go. At a cost of only $30, it’s much cheaper, too.

Med Mnemonics Flashcards

Mnemonics help us boil complex concepts down to simple, bite-sized information chunks. This app categorizes a robust collection of medical mnemonics and allows users to study them in digital flashcard form.

Instead of shuffling through piles of papers and notecards, consider shelling out the 99 cents for this streamlined app which compresses hard-to-grasp concepts into easy-to-digest nuggets of information.

Nursing Biology Deluxe

Genetics. Human Body. Organelles. Vocabulary. When you decided to become a nurse practitioner, you signed up for a curriculum of elaborate, complex information. This app contains eight decks of review flashcards for nursing students who want to brush up on all things biology.

At a cost of around $5, Nursing Biology Deluxe works with all phones and tablets. Before downloading, check the Internet: In some instances, this app is free.

Nursing Central

The grandfather of all nursing apps, Nursing Central is a required purchase for students at some schools. Here, you’ll find top-notch information on diseases, tests, and drugs, as well as an extensive medical dictionary and efficient study system. A one-year subscription costs a steep $170, but the convenience and comprehensiveness of the material is worth it. Save precious time and get the information you need quickly with this invaluable app.

As a nursing student, you’re used to performing hands-on tasks for the sake of others. For your own sake, get your hands on some great nursing student apps and let technology share your workload. You’ll save time, study more efficiently, and get more out of nursing school than you ever thought possible. What’s more, your patients will benefit from your wisdom — and that’s really what it’s all about.

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