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Xbox 720

With over 70 million consoles sold since it was unveiled in May, 2005, the Xbox 360 is one of the most popular game consoles ever created. Many of the fans of the Microsoft gaming device are diehards which is why anticipation of the successor, the Xbox 720, has been building up for years.

Rumors, both good and bad, have been circulating for some time, but as the anticipated launch is right around the corner, some of them are starting to become more clear. Here’s a roundup of the five persistent rumors that seem to hold the most credibility.

1. Xbox Live

Microsoft’s online multiplayer and digital distribution system is arguably the best on the console market, function-wise. It does, however, have two major flaws that users frequently complain about. The first is the fact that it isn’t free and that users must pay for even the most basic online services. The second is the fact that even users who pay for the service are spammed with advertisements on the Xbox Dashboard.

Despite these complaints, millions of people still purchase the service and it doesn’t seem likely that Microsoft will ruin one of it’s biggest money makers by making it free. Fortunately, though we may never see it become free, Xbox Live has been getting a lot of attention from Microsoft. They’ve been trying to take on a more prominent role in the digital distribution market. In the last year, Microsoft has been trying to turn the 360 into a multimedia platform instead of just a game console.

They’ve been expanding their library of available music, movies, and shows as well as introducing an app system that allows users to browse the internet, watch YouTube videos, and chat on Skype with their Xbox. With rumors about the 720’s multitasking capabilities, we may very well see the Xbox become more than just a game console and Xbox Live become more than just a multi-player platform.


2. Games

An impressive game library is essential to the success of any console. Microsoft has always done well in this regard. Major game companies such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Take-Two, and Ubisoft release most of their games on the Xbox 360.

Microsoft has no trouble with getting games from major companies. It’s the independent companies that it has trouble with. Despite Microsoft’s many efforts, its strict distribution system and controlling contracts have made independent companies seek other platforms to release their games on such as the PC and recently the PS3. Also, recent rumors about the Xbox 720 have made people worried.

Information was released that suggested the new Xbox would not be able to play used games and that users would have to remain online at all times in order to play. This has made many people upset. The validity of these rumors is still unsure and Microsoft has refused to comment about them. It’s important to note, however, that the PS4 was included in the rumor, yet Sony explicitly stated that this was not the case.


3. Kinect

Microsoft has been trying to push the Kinect on the 360 so it’s no surprise that the new Kinect 2 is rumored to come with every 720 console. With a larger field of view, more depth accuracy, faster processing, and a 1080p camera, the Kinect 2 will certainly be an improvement over the current Kinect.

Despite Microsoft’s persistence, the Kinect is still an accessory for the 360 that only casual gamers seem to use regularly. It’s been rumored that Microsoft intends for the Kinect 2 to take a more central role with the 720. This news hasn’t been well received by some of the 360’s more hardcore users who’re afraid that the Kinect will start to replace the gamepad as the primary controller for the new console.


4. Controller

The Xbox 360 controller is considered to be one of the best controllers ever made. It’s solid, comfortable design have made it popular not only with 360 users, but with PC users as well. As such, the 720’s controller isn’t expected to deviate much from the current design.

Lending weight to this speculation are rumors that suggest the 720’s controller will feature the traditional design but with an HD screen in the center, similar to the PS4’s new DualShock 4 controller or the WiiU’s gamepad. It has also been rumored that the 720’s controller have more uses outside of the console, possibly being able to be used as a television remote, an internet browser, and a portable game display.


5. Release

After Sony’s surprise announcement of the PS4, Microsoft said that they’d be revealing the new Xbox sometime in April. However, recent rumors have indicated that the reveal will be pushed back into May and possibly even as far back as E3.

While the suspense is awful, the added delay will hopefully give time for Microsoft to make the reveal awesome and packed with information. Though the release date for the 720 hasn’t yet been announced, it’s widely speculated that we’ll see it released sometime before 2013 comes to an end, likely around the holidays. There have also been some speculations as to the initial price of the new Xbox. Based on previous releases and current prices, most are estimating that the new Xbox will be about $350-$500 at launch, possibly with a more expensive “elite” version as well.

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According to Machinima, we may find out which of these rumors are correct as early as next month:


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