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5 free online tools to run your business


The online business world has advanced due to the evolution of the many new tools that are regularly released. Below are five free tools that are designed to improve business success.

5. GoSuite

Gramercy One in New York developed this tool for small businesses. The suite includes GoPromote and GoBook, all free of charge. Businesses from repair and beauty shops to dance companies can appreciate and utilize the service booking program.

Managing customer information and promoting deals through social networks and websites are other features that can greatly increase any company’s profit line. There is also a paid upgrade that includes mobile payment interfaces, as well as inventor, vendor and employee management features.

4. OpenOffice

Apache’s OpenOffice is designed as an open-source software suite that includes powerful word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, graphic and database programs. Designed to offer the same feature as expensive office suite programs, the software works on all commonplace computers and is adjustable to many languages.

Data may be stored in numerous customary formats and the universal text formats make documents readable on even the most primary document programs. Files may be read and written from other office software packages as well. The program can be downloaded free of charge for any purpose. In addition, automatic updates include new features that are released regularly.

3. Officebooks

Developed by the LightMachinery Ottawa based manufacturing firm, this application was originally designed to assist with the management of the laser optics company. The company expanded the program into a cloud based toolbox to assist other businesses. Tasks such as contacts, purchase orders, work orders and price quotes in addition to others are handled with ease.

The free financial management aspects operate similarly to other high end software packages used for scheduling, messaging and documents. The program is a fully functional ad-supported program for all users.

2. Zoho

With over a dozen applications and growing, Zoho includes functions such as invoicing, messaging, CRM, project management and web conferencing. The comprehensive document management suite is particularly useful for businesses and affordable SEO companies, as is the up to one full gigabyte of storage for critical business communications documents. The program is very similar to other cloud offerings and costly on-premises Office solutions.

1. Apptivo

With a comprehensive collection of approximately 40 apps, Apptivo includes programs to handle nearly every business function. From project management to inventory, CRM and time sheets, many other useful apps for business functions are also provided. The programs are designed for any business with 200 or less employees.

The storage functionality can be used to house records such as for HR, customers and critical contacts. There are also collaboration tools to keep team members organized through document sharing.

One of the greatest advantages of using these free business technology tools is that free versions are fully customizable for most any computer system. In addition, as businesses grow, they may consider easily migrating to a more robust, yet still affordable version of the same programs.

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