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5 Games That You Need For Your iPad


There’s so many fantastic games out there, and so many of these are custom-designed for you to touch and interact with as the action takes place all across the iPad’s lickable 10-inch screen. We’ve taken a little time gaming in our den, and here’s our pick of five great games for iPad.

1. Battle for Wesnoth HD


This huge strategy/turn-based role-playing game should appeal to Civilization players and has recently been updated for the fifth time. It is a huge sprawling adventure, featuring numerous creatures, monsters and players.

The game’s extremely addictive, not least because of its regular updates — and it looks outstanding on an iPad.

There are a few (small) game-play bugs, but these are quickly addressed by game developer Kyle Poole, who has been incredibly active adding content, fixing bugs, and tweaking performance in the iPhone version since its release. For example, the most recent fifth update to the title adds a whole new ten-hour campaign.

The background to this game is quite interesting, as it was originally developed by open source coders for the Mac and PC and made available for free! (Video refers to the iPhone version).

2. Scrabble


This game should be a standard fitting on the iPad, as its a traditional title with a wide age appeal.

You can play up to 25 multiplayer games at once. Better yet, you can download the free Tile Rack iPhone app. This lets each player keep their letters private, revealing them only when it is time to play a word. You can even use the iPhone to rotate the board on the iPad.

The Teacher Feature lets you see the best word choice from your previous move and you can also control your iPad’s iTunes library while in the game.

Two niggles about the game include: If you accidentally hit the Menu icon or the Home button, your game disappears; and the dictionary doesn’t include any offensive words, which I find a little unnecessary.

3. Tap Tap Radiation


The latest title from Tapulous, the people who created a gaming sensation and changed the music industry (kind of) with their introduction of Tap Tap Revenge, this game is an entirely new adventure designed exclusively for the iPad.

You get a refreshed gaming experience which fully exploits the extra space available on the iPad’s screen. You also get over 30 free tracks including Mos Def, Lady Gaga, Pink, David Guetta and others. There’s many more tracks available to buy and the game works at four difficulty levels, maxing out with “Extreme”.

Tap Tap Revenge players will quickly get to grips with the way this game works — its once again all about time and accuracy and the aim of the game is to tap those glowing orbs at the right time, winning time and bonuses as you achieve.

4. Pac-Man for iPad


You need a little classic in your life, and Pac-Man delivers — this is an arcade classic and its debut on the iPad underlines the importance of Apple’s new platform to casual gaming. iPad is eating up markets until now dominated by the likes of Sony and Nintendo.

You can play in Original, Normal or Easy Mode with a set of two different controls. navigating or attacking the dots with a swipe of your finger on the iPad screen. You get all the game elements you expect from Namco Networks legendary and enduring title, including fruity power-ups, high scores and extra lives. YOu also get those boss characters you should try to avoid.

While gameplay is pretty good, some find the controls a little hard to get to grips with while others criticise the $4.99 price tag as being high in comparison to some similarly-priced titles. However, it is PAC-MAN, it is a classic and you get what you expect, I suppose.

5. The Pinball


Sometimes there’s nothing can replace the retro-cafe action of a pinball session, And for when you must endure through such times this has to be the best pinball simulation available for the iPad.

You get three different tables: Jungle Style Pinball, The Deep Pinball and Wild West Pinball, all three are nice-looking and at $3 there’s not much not to like — except…

Game play still feels a little awkward, somehow the flippers and controls don’t quite feel as good as the real thing, however, we’ve noticed improvements in these in each update to the app so we think it will only be a question of time until game play improves. You can play in both landscape and portrait mode.


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