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5,800 Canadian college students to receive a Microsoft Surface 2 tablet

When it comes to tablets used in the education space, it boils down to personal preference as well as the type of educational apps that are available for a particular platform. So far we’ve seen how iPads, Android tablets, and Windows-based tablets are favored across the board, ranging from institution to institution. Recently the good news for students planning on attending the Canadian career training institute CDI College is that they will be eligible to receive a Microsoft Surface 2 tablet which will be given to them to help with their studies. 

Students attending Canadian career training institute CDI College are in line to receive a Surface 2s to help with their studies. The college has 26 campuses, and each of the 5,800 students will receive one of Microsoft’s tablets by the end of summer this year. Vice president at the college Dr. Bohdan Bilan said “We need to provide students with the tools they will use when they graduate and the skills that will translate in the future as technology continues to evolve, so the Surface 2 and Microsoft software was perfect for us”. CDI College started off with a pilot program at the Ajax, Ontario campus which then spread to the campus at Surrey, British Columbia. Now the entire student body will be able to take advantage of Surface 2s using tools such as Office 2013, Skype, and OneDrive to assist with their education.

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