6 impressive vintage gadgets that you can still buy


1940's Philco Portable Radio Gadget

There are still hidden historical gems out there that were considered gadgets of their time. Perhaps some will remind you of your childhood, your parents or grandparents or maybe this will be the first time you lay eyes on these magnificent pieces of vintage gadgets. Today, we have certainly advanced from the listed gadgets below but it is always interesting to know how they evolved and for the collectors of gadget history, it sure is nice to know where you can purchase them.

Much has changed in the past 20 years and our technology and gadgets, including their definitions, are advancing even quicker. That is why it is always nice to glance back at history to discover how we came to define what we know as gadgets today. Remember, that though we consider a gadget to be usually something that is plugged in; in the past, how they would have defined a gadget would be much different.

Here are 6 impressive vintage gadgets that you can still buy.

1. Duo Fast Pocket Stapler

Duo Fast Pocket Stapler

This 1963 stapler may be recognizable from the show Mad Men, since it is from that time period, yet the cool factor of this vintage stapler was that of James Bond. Produced in the late 50’s to early 70’s a stapler was made to look like a pen and using staples from the cartridge, you would add them in the back of the pen’s chamber to staple your pages for a duo fast pocket stapler.

2. Men’s 1960s Pants Presser


Many of the known gadgets back in the 60’s were targeted towards men. Instead of an iron, this vintage 1960’s pants presser was marketed towards the working, traveling man who needed a travel size gadget to help keep their pants pressed.

3. 1900s Electric Bicycle Headlamp

1900s Electric Bicycle Headlamp

Let’s go way back to the days where an electrical bicycle headlamp was a great item to have as it was used on the first motorized bicycles. This antique is an example of what is now being recycled in trendy history and is making a comeback. There is nothing like an original 1900 Electric Bicycle Headlamp though.

4. Vintage Twinfone

Vintage Twinfone Telephone Gadget

For the real history buffs that yearn to learn the history and inventions that have led us to so many technological advancements today will love the vintage Twinfone. This bit of retro history was a neat way to be able to have more than one phone with using just one phone. As the Twinfone is a connector to a receiver and allows two parties to listen to the call.

5. Vintage 1940s Rubber ICE BAG for Throat & Spine

1940s Rubber ICE BAG

Even medical pieces were known as gadgets back in the 40’s and as you can see, this ice pack does not look like it is made for comfort. However, this particular piece is meant for back and throat pain and has lace that helps tie around you. This definitely looks far from the ice packs we know of today.

6. Refurbished 1940’s Philco Portable Radio Turned into an iPod Dock/Charging Station

1940's Philco Portable Radio

For our number six impressive vintage gadgets you can still buy, it would only be fitting to have workings of yesterday meet the technology gadgets of today. This is a refurbished 1940 portable radio that has been transformed into an iPod dock and charging station. Although the outside has been completely untouched, its inner workings have been upgraded to be completely compatible and functional for your iPod, including playing its tunes.

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