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6 things you didn’t know Google Chrome could do

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After five years of constant upgrades and improvements, Google’s Chrome is now used by about 40% of those wired to the Web. But how much do you really know about Chrome? You probably know that it has made searching easier and faster with Omnibox, for example, but are you aware of any of its awesome features and extensions?

Here are 6 things you probably didn’t know Chrome could do.


6. Tab Maintenance Organizes For You

For Windows users who keep tons of tabs open, Chrome has you covered. And Mac users, they didn’t forget about you either. No matter what OS you’re using, you’re probably sick of your multiple tabs scrunching up to nothing. If so, Google’s “Stacked Tabs” option might be the answer for you. Begin by entering about: flags in your omnibox and locate “stacked Tabs.” Once enabled, your tabs will stack instead of scrunching!

Mac users get a little extra love from this option; because Chrome makes lets you make full use of your track pad allowing. Using that familiar three-finger strike, you can see an entire tiled display of open pages. To enable it, type about: flags in your search bar and select Tab overview.


5. Say Goodbye to Babies and Political Talk

Google understands the annoyance of baby pictures and political opinions on Facebook. Introducing and These browser plug-ins delete all baby and political stuff, replacing them with things you find might actually find interesting. Links like tech trends and online games (Betway UK, just for example) will now populate the “boring babble”.

Install these plug-ins and your Facebook newsfeed will instantly be transformed from a barrage of pink babies and angry political rhetoric. Instead, more interesting subjects and conversations will engage you.


4. Search Extensions With You in Mind

For worrywarts and impatient searchers, Google Chrome has some extensions designed with you in mind. An extension called “WOT” gives you website ratings, allowing you to decide which sites can be trusted. These ratings are produced by millions of reliable users.

“Fastest Chrome” gets rid of clicking through several Google search pages. Instead, you continue to scroll down the Google search results until you’re on page #2, then #3 and so on.


3. Quick Clicks for The Social Media Gurus

For all the social media gurus using Chrome, there’s an extension that allows you to right click on images and immediately post them to your tumbler page. And don’t worry Pinterest fanatics — you weren’t neglected. There’s a similar extension for you too. So go ahead and get click happy, then watch your boards fill up quickly.


2. Upload The Goods With a Quick Drag and Drop

Long gone are the days you have to click a browse button and use a file selector. When using Chrome, you can now easily upload your files to most sites by dragging and dropping them into the browser window.

If you’re attaching a file to e-mail in Gmail or uploading an image, for example, you just drag and drop the file onto the page. How much more simple and streamlined could it get?


1. Password Input Now Made Easy

Have all of your passwords filled in for you once you’ve opened an account creation page. You must be signed into your Chrome account and running Chrome on Windows, Linux or Chrome OS for this feature to work. Your password manager must be enabled too.

Go to the flag site: “about: flags” and locate “Enable password generation.” It’s just one quick little time-saver making your life easier. If you’re one of the many people who hate juggling passwords, then this is the perfect option for you.

This list is only the beginning of the fun and useful features and extensions with Google Chrome. Don’t be shy — check out the Google Chrome Store for more neat goods. With all the cool add-ons, you’ll wonder why you didn’t check sooner.

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Image via Flickr by Yuko Honda

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