7 wireless trends revolutionizing home security


For years, home security systems have been wired projects. When homeowners think of home security, the hassles of wires and extra telephone lines often come to mind. But the truth is that modern security systems have become quick, customizable, and wireless.

Home Security

The rise of wireless security has allowed for a whole new set of features that can be used to meet unique safety or monitoring needs, while saving money and time compared to old, wired systems. Here are seven ways wireless technology is evolving the home security industry.


1. Easy-Install Sensors

Sensors have traditionally been one of the most difficult components of a home security system to install, due to their need for wired connections. Modern sensors, however, are wireless, lightweight, and can easily be installed. Some even have adhesive strips that allow them to be stuck nearly anywhere. This allows sensors to be installed in tricky spots, decreases their installation cost, and allows security systems to easily be dismantled and moved.


2. Smart, Integrated and Customizable Sensors

The wireless advantages of modern security system sensors also give them extra capabilities that can be used to create better, smarter home security systems. For example, instead of using a few vibration sensors located at windows, vibration sensors can be combined with well-placed audio sensors to improve accuracy of detection.

Sensors can be mixed and matched to meet the unique needs of any home layout, allowing for greater flexibility, reliability, and security.


3. Monitoring Apps

One of the handiest features of some newer models of home security systems are smartphone-based monitoring apps. These apps establish a wireless connection with your security system and allow you to check on it remotely. For example, if you’re on vacation, you can get a real-time look at the sensors around your house and their status. No more gut-sinking feelings of trying to remember whether you turned on your security system before you rushed to the airport.

Some monitoring apps allow for an even greater array of flexibility and options, such as the ability to turn on security cameras and even look through them with a computer connection.


4. Programming Apps

Monitoring is one thing, but the most advanced apps also let you control various aspects of your security system. Want to disarm your system to let a friend in or change the way the system behaves? Programming options are available directly from your mobile devices.

Connections with smart devices throughout your home also let you control your lights, thermostat or other features if you have extended wireless capabilities.


5. Wireless Notifications

Of course, you don’t have to pull out your phone every time you want to make sure that your house is secure. Modern wireless security systems come with notification features that automatically send alerts to your phone if something unexpected happens. If one of the sensors is triggered, you get a text message or an email so you can take immediate action and use the monitoring features to see if something really is wrong.

Vivint even allows you to receive other types of notifications as well, such as severe weather alerts that warn you if especially bad weather conditions are about to hit your house.


6. Electronic Door Locks

If you choose a wireless electronic door lock, you can unlock your front door remotely, with your smartphone. This is the ideal complement to wireless sensors, adding another level of control that’s often necessary for more customized home management.

This feature is ideal for letting your house sitter in while you’re on vacation, or letting the maids, plumber, or electrician in while you’re at work.


7. Keychain Fobs

Keychain fobs are a great companion device to electronic door locks, and let you instantly activate door locks without pulling out your phone. Use these to save time and ensure that your entrances are properly protected no matter where you are.

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