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A 12-inch 4K tablet prototype from Samsung has been spotted

Samsung has been a busy little bee, haven’t they? The company recently announced that they will be partnering with Barnes & Noble to deliver the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook tablet, with word of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S arriving at the end of the month, and now here we are with a leaked image of a prototype 12” Samsung tablet which will feature a whopping 4K display, now how about that for blowing your mind away? This Samsung-made reference tablet was seen showing off its LTE broadcast capabilities on a 4K display over at Roland Garros, the famous venue where the French Open is currently being held. Touted to feature a 12” UHD display, this prototype device is not shy to hide its styling details and layout that scream of Samsung.

You might not be able to walk into a store and buy a 4K tablet just yet (well apart from Panasonic’s crazy 20-inch offering), but we’ve spotted a 12-inch Samsung prototype. It was being used as part of a LTE Broadcast demonstration during the French Open at Roland Garros. The video stream it was receiving was only 720p, but the operator was able to pull up additional windows over the top, giving us a glimpse at its true clarity. This is purely a reference device for operators to perform tests with, but the slate in question was sporting Samsung’s unmistakable design complete with the physical home key below the 12-inch UltraHD display. Specs for the prototype tablet weren’t available, but TechRadar was told it housed a Snapdragon 801 processor. The hope is that when such a tablet arrives for the consumer market it’ll be sporting the newer Snapdragon 805 chip which comes with many added 4K benefits including video upscaling to make 720p and 1080p clips look much better and a new video format (HEVC) which is less bandwidth heavy.

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