A 1950 innovative toy car that turns into a rocking chair


A 1950 innovative toy car that turns into a rocking chair

Toy’s for kids that have dual purpose are always popular, not only by the kids, but their parents too, since it does save on money and space. One toy car in particular that was designed and crafted in Germany in 1950 has made our wow factor.

This design, artfully constructed out of a Beech wood frame and plywood seating, accented with red rubber wheels makes for a nifty toy car that today looks vintage but would still remain innovative due to its ability to also become a rocking chair.

The Hans Brockhage toy car is most certainly retro and is still in its original condition and with the mixed woods, which was often seen within the 50’s, will also make for an outstanding decorative piece, especially for toy collectors out there or for car fanatics. Not only is it a conversational piece from 6 decades ago, it is still very much a usable toy car for kids.

The chair/car was designed by Hans Brockhage under supervision of Mart Stam in Germany 1950 which is most certainly futuristic for its time and can still put kids and grownups in awe of its innovative design.



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