A 2012 snapshot of 60 seconds in social media


60 Seconds in Social Media

If you are wondering what social media statistics looked like in 2012 you may be impressed in what we discovered. Although our main sites are still that of Facebook and Twitter with amazing stats on how much we do in one minute; we definitely popularized images unlike ever before.

2012 was certainly the year of the photo and we shared personal ones to memes and beyond on sites like Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram. Instagram made its rise in 2012 with the acquisition of Facebook and though Flickr has been around a lot longer it has been a staple to share photos that we deem copyright to, as for Pinterest we share a mixture of everything; if it interests us then we pin it.

Check out the various actions and interactions we did in 2012 within every minute when using social media in the following infographic.

Social Media Statistics 2012

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60 Seconds” image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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