A Cheap And Easy Fix For The iPhone 4 Signal Problem



If you’re a left-handed iPhone 4 owner then you’re potentially one of those infuriated by the problem in which gripping the device by its lower left corner can interrupt your network signal.

This is because your clammy fingers sometimes have the effect of bridging the gap between the two separated aluminum sides, which has the effect of joining the WiFi and GSM antenna and cutting the call.

Here’s the simplest fix we could find — it doesn’t even require that you invest in a protective case — a simple strip of sticky tape should do the job.

Fast Company explains that all you need to do is take a little tape and strap it across the side of the iPhone, just down there on the left, being sure to also protect the metal sides.

And that’s well worth $0.001 in tape.

  1. haha…scotch tape…really?

    As an alternative fix, try fashioning a secondary GSM attenna by attaching a twig to the back of your brand new iPhone with some duck tape.

    1. Yes really, I’ve been suggesting this to anyone I know that has one since I heard about this problem. Not that hard to figure out FYI if you know how any antennas work.

  2. After seeing all of the videos on YouTube about how the iPhone 4 loses reception when you’re holding it, I tried the little speed test for myself. Surprisingly, every time I test the speed, I get a quicker download speed when I am holding the phone. I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. Maybe it’s just me.

  3. I paid premium price and I have to tape my mobile phone to work probably, there is no good excuse I think apple should recall the damaged iPhones.

  4. LOL… this is quite an easy fix though.. for added discreteness use invisible tape by 3M :)… I really can’t imagine that apple engineer may have missed the small details on the design of the new iPhone antenna. Our fingers conduct electricity and the cause of signal being dropped is some sort of short circuit issue.

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