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A cool vinyl decal for your side view mirror

A cool vinyl decal for your side view mirror

We have a competitive edge in life, we like to winning, whether it is when we are gaming or when we compete with anyone, including ourselves. We like to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest, sometimes a little too much. It most certainly shows in the car we drive, even if it is not a hot Ferrari, we have made it look pretty epic.

Sometimes the best part of décor comes within the smallest of details, currently people are busy adding stick figure decals to the back of their rear windows and it seems to have caught on quite well, but we’re not that kind of person, or if we are, we like to have a little extra something that adds our own flare of personality.
The vinyl decal sticker is meant for your side view mirror and will display your competitive streak very well, as it reads “Objects in Mirror are Losing” LOL.

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