A dual purpose minimalist inside out keyboard


dual purpose inside out keyboard

Our desks are becoming more cluttered every day from the papers that need filing to the trinkets and photos we like to show to remember we are still human. Unfortunately keyboards take up too much space, and can make room for taking notes a little more difficult on a desk that has hardly any capacity at all.

Making space is something we often try and taking time to re-organize constantly almost seems futile since come Monday morning your desk will look like a torpedo hit it and any additional space becomes unrecognizable. Many of us often forget what our desks even look like underneath all of the work that is piled upon it, sad but true.

We cannot limit the amount of work that is needed for us to be done or how much of it will be placed upon our desks but we can have more control on minimizing the space a keyboard takes by ensuring we have one that has a dual purpose.

The Inside Out keyboard designed by Min Koo Yeo is a concept that is meant for you to have a smaller keyboard that is fully functional and acts as a touch pad when flipped over, allowing its user to interact with it by performing gestures for those who are ready for gesture-friendly computing. This conceptual design will serve you in two ways that are both handy and futuristic.

We cannot find the space for all of our necessary gadgets and devices that are needed, thus the Inside Out keyboard/touchpad provides us with a triple purpose by giving us the ability to type, use a touchpad when needed, all the while being a space saver as well.

Minimizing space while enhancing our abilities to interact with devices that can be a 2-in-1 certainly helps ease our stress and minimizes the space that we simply don’t have to give anymore.

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