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A Dutch appeals court has upheld a sales ban on older Samsung phones

Even though Apple has beaten Samsung twice in the US so far, it failed to obtain the significant win it needed to really deliver a big hit to its archenemy. In fact, Apple has also been found to infringe a Samsung patent in the second US lawsuit between the two giants, which is apparently an asset for the Android maker in its reportedly renewed settlement negotiations. Some reports based on recent legal documents from the two companies’ legal teams suggest that a settlement is still unlikely, however. Meanwhile, Apple has scored another minor victory against Samsung in Europe, where a Dutch court upheld a ban against older Samsung Android handsets.

As part of the ongoing global patent battle between Apple and Samsung, a Dutch appeals court on Tuesday upheld a lower court’s injunction against sales of some older Samsung Galaxy models. The order applies specifically to the Galaxy SII and Galaxy Ace, but could possibly be extended to other Samsung devices found to similarly infringe on a European Apple patent. An Apple representative declined comment, as did a Samsung representative. Last Friday, Apple and Google agreed to halt their direct legal battle, dismissing some 20 legal actions between Apple and Motorola. However, hopes of a similar settlement between Apple and Samsung, briefly raised by a Korea Times report of talks between the two, have been dashed with a recent court filing stating that the two sides remain at an impasse.

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