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A funny lip reading of the Hunger Games


Admit it, every once and a while you like to put words in the mouths of your favorite actors. Perhaps you have even tried it by putting the movie on mute and having you and your friends make up a story as it goes along. It is fun and funny.

It’s even funnier when you take clips of a movie and record the lip read, it actually looks like they are saying what you said. BadLipReading on YouTube does this quite often and most recently did a lip reading for the popular movie The Hunger Games.

The script is hilarious and some moments are truly epic, no wonder it has gone viral, so if you want to watch an odd lip reading that is still better than Twilight, you have just found your video of the day.

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Connor Livingston is a tech blogger who will be launching his own site soon, Lythyum. He lives in Oceanside, California, and has never surfed in his life. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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