A green society is definitely achievable, but will we put forth the effort?

With massive amounts of advocacy and progressions in modern technology, a green society is now easier than ever for us to achieve, and it will only get easier. The question is, will we put forth the effort to turn our society green before it’s too late?

The green message has never been stronger. It’s something that we all play a part in, even more so as lovers of technology. What can we do, as consumers, to make sure that we minimize the impact we make on the environment? Greener energy is an obvious choice, but there’s also the issue of conflict minerals, which has never been more relevant to technology. Speaking at Expand NY today, Jill Fehrenbacher (Inhabitat), Shayne McQuade (Voltaic) and Beth Ferguson (Sol Design) expressed the challenges they, as industry players face and how that affects every one of us.

What do you think?

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