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A headphone splitter designed as a tree branch

A headphone splitter designed as a tree branch

Ever wish you could share your music with friends when hanging out in public or perhaps when riding the bus or traveling on a train? Having one mp3 player and headset can be quite annoying to share when you have to listen to the songs you love in mono if willing to lend the second part of a headset to your buddy. Not to mention the constant ear pulling or dropping of the headset piece if anyone were let’s say… move.

I know you know all too well what I am talking about, since we have all experienced this at one point or another and many times it is just not worth sharing since it ruins the ear jam session for both parties. However, now there is an easier way to share songs without having to share your headphone or take turns listening to some of your best tunes.

The Kikkerland Music Branch 3-Way Head Phone Splitter, designed like a tree branch, allows you to share the music wealth with others by enabling up to 3 people to plug in their headphones to a single device too. The tree branch splitter creates ports for three headsets to be plugged in to a single device, so no more ears pulling, taking turns or losing the stereo surround sound to your favorite song. You can still share yet now you are sharing without sacrifice. So let the music play and make a memory during those long trips with friends instead of dreading them with the headphone splitter designed to look like a tree branch.

This terrific design not only looks great but will have you feeling fantastic by never having you feel obligated or uncomfortable again when you want to pull out your music device and listen to your songs, now you can share with ease and options.

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