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A movie viewer for the iPhone 5 and cordcuttters

movie viewer for the iPhone

Sure Apple improved the size of the iPhone with its release of the iPhone 5 but it still doesn’t give the effect a movie lover would like when watching a featured film from their smartphone. Many people love the ability to curl up with their devices and watch a movie or catch up with commercial free television.

Cordcutters especially love to invest their money into sites like Netflix to be able to watch entertainment programs cheaply as oppose to buying into cable or satellite. Losing the ability to watch anything on a bigger screen just screams “NOPE” and therefore, designer Tristan Dalay has created the iPhone 5 Big Screen, a gadget that attaches to your iPhone and magnifies your viewing experience.

iPhone 5 movie viewer

Now you can watch your television, movies and YouTube videos as if you were watching it from a television set without any hook ups or having to be tied to one place. Instead, the iPhone 5 Big Screen allows you to enjoy a bigger screen and the freedom to move about as you please.

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