A new Bing translation feature is being tested on Twitter


It seems that there is a new Bing translation feature that is being tested out over in Twitter, although this has not become official just yet. According to blogger Arvid Bux who managed to post an image on his Google+ account, it showed off said Bing translation feature in the Android app in a rather clear manner. So far, the folks over at Twitter have not stepped forward to confirm or deny plans to add Bing translation services when it comes to the Android app, so in all probability, it is currently being tested.

Twitter uses Microsoft’s Bing translation service to transform tweets on its website and its Windows Phone application. Now it’s begun trying the service out on the official Twitter app for Android, Google’s mobile operating system, too. Blogger and technophile Arvid Bux noticed the feature last week, as seen on the image at right, when he saw below one tweet were the words “translated from Dutch by Bing” and an English-language version of the tweet. The translation appeared only when a single tweet was opened, Bux said, a behavior that matches Twitter for the Web and Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile OS. The feature appears to be unusual, though, indicating that it’s likely one of Twitter’s experiments.

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