A one touch way to charge your devices


A one touch way to charge your devices

Many of us have more than one electronic device or at the very least we own a mobile device and since we are heavily reliant on them being in working order they need to be charged regularly, some on a daily basis’s or more than once a day. We do not like overcrowding our outlets nor do we want to constantly find one when traveling. It can easily become an inconvenience when you begin seeing the bar’s depletion and especially when the warning signal arrears of how much of a percentage is left before the device becomes unusable without a source to recharge.

Life would be simpler if we had a device that could charge our devices with a touch. The round multi-charger Zip Mini Touch-N-Go created by TheJoyFactory is your solution to never having to surrender your time to searching for an outlet to plug and charge an electronic device ever again. Just simply plug this one device into your USB port and let it do its magic.

Though the Zip Mini Touch-N-Go looks small, it is mighty, with the capabilities of charging four devices at once and ridding you of tangled up cords. Using magnets that easily pop on and off (known as zip tails) allows you to connect nearly any type of device; from iPad’s, Kindles and most cell phones, you will release the worry of connection and you will no longer have cords wrapping each other, even its power is fantastic since it is stronger than Wi-Fi docking stations allowing your devices to charge even faster.

Its small and sleek look is stylish and makes for a great travel buddy since it takes little to no space within your carryon or checked bags. It is even ideal to bring to the office or to set up anywhere you want within your house. This little device sure solves many problems with one simple touch.

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