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A pumpkin that shames all other pumpkins

A pumpkin that shames all other pumpkins

Bet you thought you had a fantastically carved out pumpkin to display for Halloween, so proud to show off to those trick or treaters… yeah well so did I until…PUMPKTRIS

This video is spinning a web around the web with its popularity and I finally had to check it out and see why and when I did, my jaw dropped to the floor and immediately thought to myself…why didn’t I think of this? Well I didn’t and now I am looking at my triangular eyed carved pumpkin and wonder… what was I thinking?

With 126 LED lights Nathan Pryor decided to turn his pumpkin into a game of retro Tetris! Not only does it look rad, its stem is a controller allowing you to actually play the game.

At first I thought, no this cannot be true, perhaps an early trick for Halloween… instead, it turned into a pleasured treat that I want to play Pumpktris. What an awesome party game right? Bet it wasn’t an easy task to turn this pumpkin into one of the best 80’s games or trying to fit all those LED lights into the body to then make it actually functional.

Man, this would make Charlie Brown even drool, I know I am, Mr. Pryor my hat goes off to your ambitious pumpkin design and to being able to pull it off, you must have an incredible amount of patience.

Now knowing about Pumpktris my sadly designed pumpkin is put to shame, though I am not alone, this bad boy puts all pumpkins to shame.

I envy you Pumpktris and wish I had the skills to pull it off, I hope you win a pumpkin carving award and next Halloween I am going to try to do circular eyes… you know how hard that is? That is as talented as I go.

What do you think?

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