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A remote controlled motion activated HD camera clock


Admittedly, a secretly hidden camera does freak me out, but sometimes it is necessary to keep an eye on things when it comes to our personal belongings. Unfortunately not everyone is trustworthy or can afford to live in a safe neighborhood, yet according to the news these days, I wonder if they even exist.

Some of us are a little more paranoid than others and would rather have the criminal act caught on tape as proof to the crime, since if one does (let’s hope it doesn’t) it is better to have a witness (even if it is a camera) than to have a word against word case.

Even if you are perfectly safe and just want the peace of mind that a camera is located in your vicinity secretly, than the remote controlled motion activated HD camera clock is just what will soothe your fear.

This traditional looking digital alarm clock would never have anyone second guessing that it was anything more than just a clock. However, it most certainly is, with a hidden camera located inside and a slot for you to insert a SD card to record any suspicious activities.

It is motion activated so it is not running when the room is empty, therefore saving you time from having to go through a bunch of unnecessary recordings. You can also use the remote control that comes along with the clock in case you need to record something out of the activated sensors.

The motion activated HD camera clock has a 5 million CMOS sensor (VGA) with a built-in 2400mAh rechargeable battery and microphone. The clock portion will work just like a clock, displaying the date month, time and temperature. You can record via its MicroSD, T- Flash or MicroSDHC card slot and is supported using Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000 operating systems. The video camera captures a 1280×720 resolution in a 140 degree angle and is light weight and portable.

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