A robot for your smartphone? Your wish has been granted.


A robot for your smartphone

Robots are ultra-cool, something we have wanted since long before Rosey the maid from the Jetsons. Technology has allowed us to turn ideas into reality but the robots that have been created are either too expensive or have brutally failed.

Our smartphones have almost become our robotic limb, a gadget that we cannot live without; in fact we have chosen to become heavily reliant on this multipurpose tech. So, it would be super awesome if we could turn or smartphones into robots right? Yep.

Romotive has granted our childhood wish and created a robot that uses your smartphone as its brain. The Romo is still new and will have more fantastic features in the near future, but as for right now, this robotic gadget is able to roam around your house, dance to your music or stream video to a controller via wifi. Various features for the robot have been created by the developers and by fans in creating abilities for Romo. These apps help the robot have new behaviors that is as easy as downloading an existing app or by inventing a new one.

The Romo will also add a face to your smartphone to add expressions to this epic robot. Sooooo you wanted a robot for your smartphone? Your wish has been granted.


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