A Robot to Light Up Your Life (or at least your home)



You thought the way the Solar Pebble slapped the sun around was pretty cool, right? Right? Here’s another great way we mancreatures are bringing the sun to its knees as a sustainable energy source.

That is, sustainable until the sun explodes in like 5 billion years. But that’s irrelevant. Until then, we have the Sundolier!

Sundolier3‘Bah! I’ve seen this before,’ you say. You would. And, granted, from these photos, the Sundolier would appear at first to be a fairly typical skylight. But let’s not get our lines crossed here – first of all, this thing’s a freaking robot that sits on your roof. …Yeah, that’s what I thought, right? Awesome.

Secondly, this thing is doing a little better than a skylight by providing enough indoor sunlight to illuminate 2500 square feet on its own.

 Utilizing the built-in sunlight transport system, that’s an entire houseful of light.

“The chandelier that delivers the sun.” Like, listen to that slogan. This thing doesn’t screw around when it comes to smacking the sun in the mouth. The Sundolier plays for keeps.


[Via Inhabitat]
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