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A Safer Kind of 3D Advertising

Preventable 3D lomg

Preventable 3D lomg

3D is absolutely bloody everywhere now. Everywhere you turn, stuff’s popping out of every surface at you – most of it in an attempt to get you to buy a television. Well, guess what, Every Surface: I already own a 27-inch CRT television from 1995, and I am pleased as down-forward-punch by its traditional bi-dimensional performance. Can’t a more useful message be sent with 3D?

Apparently, it can. Canadian safety awareness group Preventable have taken a page from that guy what does them neato chalk drawings, and come up with a campaign that explores the third dimension in an ingeniously low-tech way.

Chances are, for the above-mentioned chalk drawings, you’re already familiar with how this type of illusion works: as you approach (in this case, drive up to) the drawing at a specific angle, the image briefly appears to jump out of the pavement at you.

And in this case? The image is a child.

Morbid, right? Hey, this is safety here. You gotta turn heads, and besides – the illusion is over long before you actually drive over what you may or may not be convinced at that point is a little girl.

“This is a way to reinvigorate what becomes a pretty tired message every year,” says David Dunne, spokesdude for Preventable. “We become anesthetized to the risks related to driving, but the risks are very real.”

True that, Dave. And, if I owned a car, I’d totally take your message to heart.

Here’s a quick utüb that more or less sums it all up. Goodness knows Samsung’s gonna see this, and in the coming weeks we’ll see LED TVs jumping up out of the street at us.

What do you think?

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