A surreal double-decker drivable couch


A surreal double-decker drivable couch

When I saw this I had to rub my eyes twice as I thought how unbelievable even the thought of literally not getting off the couch would be like. It is all a part of the World’s Wackiest Racers Experience where you can watch various oddly created vehicles that have speed up to 95mph.

This surreal double-decker leopard couch has the person sitting on the couch steering it while a person is below handling the peddling of this moving vehicle.  Apparently you can purchase a pass to be able to watch all these whacky drivers participate in driving unthinkable items like beds and office desks. It also suggests that you can even take part by driving one yourself without even needing a driver’s license.

This crazy, yet spectacular event takes place in England at various times throughout the year and mainly on weekends. Doesn’t make you wonder if this could possibly be an idea for the future? For now you can take part if you are across the pond or on the sidelines.

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