A Tiny Box Office Release


armoire box office 03 BsuoY 17621The world is getting smaller, particularly in Japan where everything is tiny to begin with. Japanese designer Toshihiko Hazama wants to make it smaller still.

The Box Office is almost exactly what the name suggests: An office in a box. But along the ‘less is more’ theme, there’s even less to this innovation than meets the eye.

With features that would make Peter Gibbons sob like an infant, the Box Office will send you into Dilbert-esque fits of philosophical apathy at the mere idea of sitting down to crank out a few Excel spreadsheets.

For a mere $1800, you could own one of these depressing state-of-the-art sign-of-the-times, but even those with a penchant for minimalism will find themselves longing for a window or a single moment of human contact, even the constant reminder of the benefits of the correct use of TPS Report cover pages.

armoire box office 08 Z3A48 17621Sure, those with small apartments or a lack of space, or anyone in Japan will see the benefit of this. Everyone else should probably just take a quick trip to Ikea.

Source: The Design Blog

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