A Toyota concept car designed for your smartphone and lifestyle


A Toyota concept car designed for your smartphone and lifestyle

At the 2012 Ceatec technology show in Japan Toyota unveiled a brand new concept vehicle called, the “Smart Insect.” This concept car is compact and seats only one, which is perfect for city driving.

The “Smart Insect” would have facial recognition and body type profiling technology, as well as, sensors located on the outside and inside of the vehicle combined with voice recognition software to control most functions. These functions include the entertainment system, automatic opening and closing of doors, and personal welcome messages. It is also suggested that the vehicle will learn from driver’s behaviors and adapt to them.

Some of the features offered inside the “Smart Insect” car would be a charge pad for the driver’s smartphone and the ability to have the mobile device automatically sync with the entertainment and navigation systems.
The “Smart Insect” would have technology that links the vehicle to the driver’s home security system, which could be disarmed upon their arrival, as well as, prepare the home air conditioning system prior to arriving home.

Owners of the Toyota “Smart Insect” would have to do little manual effort to get the vehicle to work, which is completely different and unique from automobiles offered on the market today.

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