A USB charging station lamp


A USB charging station lamp

There just never seems to be enough outlets for all of our devices and gadgets, we are definitely overstressing the ones we have even though we use our laptops and computers USB ports, we struggle to not blow a fuse. Having dual electronics is helpful but we need more of them, and that is why the USB charging station lamp is an ideal solution.

A USB charging station lamp not only allows you to charge two USB devices from iPhones, tablets to any device that charges via a USB cord but it also has a standard 15 amp plug to use for laptops, and other portable electronic devices that can save you some wall outlets when charging.

This uniquely designed lamp that is innovative also has a light switch in its base much like ones you would see on the wall for overhanging lights. The USB charging station lamp can only be used with 40 watt MAX Type B13 bulb (candelabra type) and light up your work station or home while keeping your devices and gadgets charging too.

A USB charging station lamp closeupA USB charging station lamp USB plugged in

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