A vintage inspired electric bike that will move you, literally


A vintage inspired electric bike that will move you

The way they made bicycles in the 50’s were beautifully designed and crafted; they looked like a metal piece of art on two wheels. Today, that vintage look is making a comeback with many bicycle companies looking to replicate that old school style. As cool as that is on its own, there is one company that is upping the ante by adding a motor to its sleek design and optimizing comfort for easy riding.

Hammacher offers an electronic bike for extended hours of riding, with its 500-watt electric motor you can get that extra push up a hill or add speed to your journey. Its design is made for ultimate comfort and much like a motorcycle; the twist of the right handle bar will help you control the motor’s variable speeds and a simple button enables you to adjust the six gears to suit the terrain.

You can have up to 30 hours of joyful cruising due to its detachable 36-volt lithium chargeable battery. This classic cruiser will allow you to feel the wind within your hair, the air beneath your feet and you will look classy riding this to work or to school. This electric bike travels at 20mph with the motor only or you can get adventurous by pedaling with the motor on to increase your speed.

It’s all about the journey, not always the destination, so let this vintage style bike take you for a ride, literally.

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