A watch concept design that lasers time onto your arm



A watch concept design that lasers time onto your arm

If you haven’t watched the movie starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, In Time, then you have missed out on some advanced futuristic technology. The premise of the movie is that time is your currency and that in the future you do not age passed 25, however, earning time is harder than you think. Each person is implanted with a clock that displays on their arm and overall is a pretty decent movie. So, wouldn’t it be interesting to have a watch display time on your arm too?

A concept designed submitted by Nurdinov on Tokyoflash is inspired by the movie which will have the watch still wearable around your wrist but through a green laser the watch will then display the time onto your arm, just like it did for Timberlake. The upside is you don’t have to try and accumulate time but the downside is that we will all remain aging passed twenty-five (ah shucks). This laser watch is not yet purchasable but sure would make for an interesting watch to own don’t you think?

In Time Laser Watch

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