Aereo CEO says that there is no Plan B if they lose the court battle

Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia said that he has no backup plan if the Supreme Court rules in favor of broadcasters who seek to put an end to his Internet TV startup. After being asked about whether he has a “Plan B,” Kanojia said, “No. There is no plan. We believe in our merit and we do think it’s the right thing. Progress is important. Unlike Kanojia, some broadcasters have spoken of their own contingency plans, should their side not prevail in the case, which is scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court on April 22.

Chaitanya “Chet” Kanojia is defiant. Losing isn’t even on his radar. He has no Plan B. Maybe he’s in denial, or maybe he’s just that unflinchingly confident. Either way, the serial entrepreneur is dead-set on expanding his controversial Aereo streaming TV service into 50 new coverage areas, even as he braces for a Supreme Court showdown later this month against the major broadcasters who claim the disruptive startup is illegally ripping off their copyrighted content. It’s almost as if he’s acting like it’s not happening, even announcing yesterday that Aereo subscribers, who can already watch and record live broadcast television on their smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs thanks to him, will also be able to do so via Google Chromecast starting on May 29.

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