Aereo is no longer allowed to retransmit broadcast TV

Aereo can no longer relay TV shows to its customers using its teeny-tiny antennas, according to US District Judge Alison Nathan. It’s been a while since the Supreme Court decided that the service violates the law by “transmitting performances of copyrighted work to the public,” but it’s only now that a judge has issued a temporary ban order.

Aereo was dealt another setback in its fight for survival Thursday when a federal judge barred the embattled video streaming company from transmitting TV broadcasters’ programs to its subscribers. US District Judge Alison Nathan in New York granted broadcasters’ request for a temporary restraining order against the service, which was shuttered in June after the Supreme Court ruled that Aereo was illegally retransmitting broadcast TV over the Internet. In her 17-page decision (PDF), Nathan rejected the startup’s claim that it would be irreparably harmed by not being allowed to retransmit programming.


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