Aereo’s TV-streaming service has arrived on Chromecast

Aereo landed on Chromecast, offering the ability to watch and record live TV using Google’s HDMI dongle. The announcement comes a week after the company originally promised it would, and only works through the Aereo Android app for now. The streaming service, which has been available for Android devices since last year, lets you stream live broadcast TV and offers cloud-based DVR storage for just $8 per month. Aereo works using tons of tiny antennas, which receive TV signals and then beam them straight to your device when you login. You can also try the service out for free with a 30-day trial before make any commitments.

Delayed by a week, Aereo’s TV-streaming service is finally available for Google Chromecast players. Aereo, the Internet television streaming upstart currently embroiled in a historic Supreme Court showdown with broadcast companies, is finally available for Google Chromecast. Its arrival on Google’s streaming media dongle Thursday comes one week after its intended debut. Aereo wrote on Twitter last week that it was delaying Chromecast support until June 4 “to work out a few kinks.” Make that June 5 then: the Aereo app is live now on the Google Play store. The move adds another significant Aereo player to a lineup that includes browsers for Windows PCs, Linux PCs and Macs, iOS devices, Apple TV and Roku set-top boxes. If you have a Chromecast dongle, you live in an Aereo coverage areaand you’re willing to pay the company’s monthly subscription fee ($8 for 20 hours of DVR space, $12 for 60 hours and the option to record two shows at once), you can connect online to Aereo’s local antenna bank to receive and record live broadcast TV.

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