After Miracle App Store Acceptance, Opera Is King


operamini 2

Opera, the smallest big browser that is widely acknowledged, has had two impressive feats accomplished recently. It was accepted into the App Store, after numerous failures to get in because of Apple’s restrictive policies, and earned the number-one spot on the top free applications across the boards on the App Store.

In 22 App Stores in 22 countries, there stood one app above the rest (now 19 of 22 as of the time of this article being published) in the free category: Opera Mini.

It isn’t clear as to whether or not this popularity is do to Opera just being that popular or if the media coverage about the application has been rejected so many time and has finally been approved, but we are sure that Opera team will enjoy the exposure either way.


Opera Mini is also highly desirable in countries with less mobile data bandwidth, as Opera has its own technology that compresses around 90% of each page, and it is able to deliver them in a highly efficient manner.

Either way, we are glad to see the browser finally make its way into Apple’s App store and receive the attention it deserves.

[via PCWorld]
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