AgileBits has released an iOS 8 version of 1Password for beta testers


When Apple first announced the iPhone 5s and introduced Touch ID, they claimed that the feature would be closed off to third-party developers. It seemed like a pity since we can only imagine the potential the feature has, but at the same time we can appreciate the security concerns Apple has if they opened their doors. However come iOS 8, Apple announced several changes that they would be making and one of them was opening up Touch ID to developers. Well if you’re wondering how developers and apps will take advantage of Touch ID, a short Vine video has surfaced which shows Touch ID being used in AgileBits’ 1Password.

AgileBits recently launched an iOS 8 version of 1Password for beta testers, which includes support for Touch ID and app extensions, two new developer features introduced with iOS 8. With the update, 1Password beta testers are now able to use Touch ID to unlock the app’s main password, which then allows the app to supply passwords directly to Safari using extensions. The entire process has been demoed in a two Vine videos from Gabriel Nevado (via MacGeneration), who accesses his 1Password content using Touch ID and is then able to enter a password from the app directly in Safari using the Share sheet. Accessing 1Password on an iOS device with iOS 7 requires users to enter a master password each time the app is opened, and while the app has a built-in browser, it is not possible for the app to input passwords in Safari automatically. With iOS 8’s new APIs, apps like 1Password are able to provide a much simpler user experience.

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