Airbnb has surpassed Google to become the best company to work for


Glassdoor’s list of the best companies to work for has been dominated by Facebook and Google in recent years, but not only did Airbnb manage to make onto the list for the first time this year, it made it all the way to the top. The list may be dominated by technology companies, but it’s not limited to them, which means Airbnb beat 49 other companies across every industry, an impressive feat by itself, but made doubly so because it’s Airbnb’s first time on the list. Glassdoor makes the list using voluntary reviews from employees, which are then measured based on their “quantity, quality, and consistency” and then used to form the company’s total score. 

Not only has Airbnb made its first appearance on career website Glassdoor’s list of top places to work, it has taken the top spot. The company beat out previous title holder, Alphabet (formerly Google) for top honours from Glassdoor, which publishes an annual ranking based on ratings submitted to the site by employees. Airbnb, founded in 2008 as a way to facilitate short-term rentals by homeowners, has expanded to more than 34,000 cities. It has seen its fair share of controversies, but if Glassdoor’s survey is any indication, this hasn’t damaged its appeal with employees. “Amazing people, vibrant workplace, and an unbeatable culture that is real and not just something posted on a wall/website. I literally could not ask for a better work experience. Also, pay, insurance, perks, food, parties, and growth opportunities are top notch,” an anonymous Airbnb employee from San Francisco wrote on the website. In order to be considered for Glassdoor’s survey, a company must have at least 1,000 employees. It is then ranked on its overall employee ratings over the previous year. Rounding out the top five employers were Bain and Co., Guidewire, Hubspot, and Facebook.

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