All the iPad Air reviews, compiled


Okay, so “ALL” is a bold statement. Perhaps it’s better to say that these are the 17 you really need to read if you’re considering one. If you’re not going to go through 17 reviews and watch 2 videos before making a decision, here’s a hint from someone who did read them all – get the iPad Air.

iPad Air Reviews

Here are the review links followed by two review videos by T3:

  1. CNET: Thinner, lighter, faster, best
  2. TIME: Apple’s Full-Sized Tablet, No Longer So Full-Sized
  3. Mashable: Apple iPad Air Raises the Tablet Bar
  4. AnandTech: The iPad Air Review
  5. Techcrunch: iPad Air Review: Apple Makes Big Tablets Beautiful All Over Again
  6. Techpinions: The iPad Air – A Truly Mass Market Personal Computer
  7. AllThingsD: Speed and Power Packed Into a Thin iPad Air
  8. Loop Insight: Review: iPad Air
  9. David Pogue: The Pogue Review: iPad Air
  10. USA Today: Thin iPad Air is most tempting tablet yet
  11. Engadget: iPad Air Review
  12. The Telegraph: iPad Air review: Apple’s finest tablet
  13. NY Times: Lighter and Faster, It’s iPad Air
  14. Bloomberg:  New IPad Is Slimmed Down, Speeded Up: Rich Jaroslovsky
  15. Pocket Lint: Apple iPad Air review
  16. Fox News: Review: With the new Apple iPad Air, size now matters
  17. AP: Review: Lighter iPad Air narrows gap with Mini

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