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Alleged images of an iPhone 6 dummy mold surfaces online

In the past thanks to leaked photos, we saw production tools that were allegedly used to create iPhone 6 molds, and now thanks to new photos leaked and obtained by the folks at, iPhone 6 dummy models created by said molds have surfaced, thus giving us a better look at the device. Based on what we can see so far, it certainly seems to corroborate rumors that suggests that the iPhone 6 will be a very thin affair.

New images from show some sort of physical mockup of the alleged ‘iPhone 6′ design we have seen from many sources in the past few days. The purpose of this mockup model is not clear. At first glance, it seems like some sort of dummy model, that could be used by case manufacturers to validate and refine case designs. This is what the site has to say on the matter, via Google Translate: “Published by a member of a well-known Chinese forum indiscretions cabbage lovers, the three photos that I propose to examine in this article are meant to introduce the physical model of one of the two future iPhone rumored ad with a lot of leaks for several months already. Prototype for reference molding to prop in mobile telephony.”

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