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Alleged iPad Air 2 leak suggests the new tablet could be even thinner

Following the leak of an alleged iPhone 6 front panel earlier this week, the iPad is now getting its turn with a pair of photos showing what is said to be a front panel for the next-generation iPad Air, shared by Dutch site One More Thing. Notably, the part appears to include an integrated display in contrast to the separate panel and display parts used on the current model. A move to an integrated front panel/display would reduce overall thickness, potentially allowing Apple to further slim down the iPad Air. 

The first iPad Air pushed the boundaries of thinness in tablet form, and it looks like Apple is gearing up to go even slimmer with the next version. One More Thing (Google translate) scored some images purporting to show the front panel of the iPad Air 2, and from the looks of it the display is integrated into the panel. That’s not the case with the current new iPad, which features a separate display and panel. Why would Apple meld the glass display with its casing? For one, it would mean an even thinner Apple slate, but it could also allow for space for a larger, longer-lasting battery. There’s no way to verify whether these photos actually show parts of the next new iPad, or whether they’re for the current model or complete fakes. We think you know where your salt shaker is, right?

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