Amazon added 10 million new Prime customers over the holidays


How was your December 25? Amazon has delivered its annual post-Christmas debrief and the headline news is that another 10 million customers across the world have signed up for the $99-a-year Amazon Prime service. It seems to have been another bumper year for Amazon after a record-breaking Christmas this time last year.

Amazon, in its annual day-after-Christmas debrief, announced Friday that this holiday season it signed up 10 million new members to its Prime service, which costs $99 a year. Prime’s two-day shipping was likely the big draw for customers — particularly last-minute shoppers — but Amazon is also touting other Kindle perks such as e-book and video rentals, and even its one-hour delivery service, Amazon Now, which debuted last week in Manhattan. While eBay’s rival Now delivery service discontinued in 2014, it seems eBay’s loss is the online giant’s gain as Amazon announced plans to expand in 2015.


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