Amazon expands its Sunday delivery service to 15 more cities

Amazon pleasantly surprised its customers late last year when the company announced it would begin delivering packages on Sundays. Partnering with the United States Postal Service, Amazon brought Sunday deliveries to New York and Los Angeles last November, but on Thursday the biggest online retailer in the world revealed that the service would be expanding to 15 more cities. Amazon has been keeping track of Sunday deliveries as well to see which items consumers are most likely to have delivered over the weekend.

Amazon announced Thursday the addition of 15 U.S. cities to its list of eligible Sunday delivery locations. It may not be as big a move as expanding same-day delivery, but it’s a significant step in the race to provide instant gratification to online shoppers. The cities are clustered in the central part of the country, many within reasonable distance from one of the Internet giant’s fleet of distribution centers. Amazon’s Mike Roth, VP of North America operations, said most of the items selected for Sunday delivery are part of a weekend errand to-do list: “So far, the most common items delivered on Sunday include baby supplies such as newborn apparel, books and toys. We know ourAmazon customers love the convenience of everyday delivery, and we’re excited to be offering Sunday delivery in more cities across the U.S.”


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