Amazon is going to be taking on UPS and FedEx

Amazon’s proposed drone delivery service may have a few hurdles to clear before it gets off the ground, but the e-commerce giant appears to be wasting little time with plans for another method of getting goods to customers. The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the company is looking to take on the likes of UPS and FedEx with a so-called ‘last mile’ service taking care of a package’s delivery in the final stages of its journey from warehouse to customer.

Amazon has already changed the way we shop and consume media. Who’s to say the ecommerce giant can’t also overhaul how you get your mail? Amazon is testing out a pilot program in which its own fleet of drivers will bring Amazon packages to your door, completing the “last mile” of the delivery process, according to a report in today’s Wall Street Journal. Amazon was not immediately available for comment. The Seattle tech giant has been dropping hints for some time that it might develop its own delivery network. And it would be a smart place for the company to be looking for innovation: Amazon’s shipping costs have been consistently rising in recent years. 

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