Amazon is going to educate the cloud experts of the future


Amazon has as much reason to be concerned about the future of the cloud as any company, which is why it has launched a new program known as AWS Educate. The program’s goal is to turn younger generations into the cloud experts of the future by helping “educators and students use real-world cloud technology in the classroom.”

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company today announced the launch of AWS Educate, a program that helps educators and students use real-world cloud technology in the classroom to graduate students ready to enter the cloud workforce. AWS Educate is designed to make it easy for educators to quickly and easily find cloud-related course content, incorporate cloud technology into their teaching curriculum, and provide students with hands-on experience with cloud technology – with AWS credits to make the cloud more affordable than ever. AWS Educate is free for educational institutions, educators and students to join, following AWS’s approval of their application. To learn more about AWS Educate, visit:

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