Amazon isn’t giving up on the Fire Phone


Even in the face of a $170 million charge for its failed Fire Phone, as well as the company sitting on $83 million worth of Fire Phone inventory, Amazon isn’t throwing in the towel. In an interview with Fortune, Amazon senior vice president of devices David Limp confirmed the online retail giant will move forward with plans to release Fire Phone sequels.

Amazon exec tells Fortune how it bumbled the launch of its first smartphone. When it introduced the Fire smartphone in July, Amazon bet sales would be something worth bragging about. But three months in, it’s obvious the Fire phone is more dud than runaway success. Last week, Amazon CTO Tom Szkutak disclosed as much by saying the company took a $170 million charge, mostly associated with the Fire phone and related supplier costs. He also acknowledged that the company had a huge surplus of $83 million unsold phones collecting dust somewhere.

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