Amazon tops satisfaction index but corporate America is clearly not liked


Corporate America

The good news for tech companies is that America seems to like them the best. Amazon topped the list, followed by Apple at #2 and Google at #4. The bad news for all American corporations is that nearly of Americans feel that corporate America in general is “poor” or “terrible” while two-thirds of Americans think that corporate America is “fair” at best. Only 9% perceive corporate America as “excellent/very good”.

What does this mean? It says that tech companies are easier to trust, to like, and to do business with, likely because most of the interactions with them are online. Once face-to-face or telephone interactions enter the equation, the satisfaction levels go down. A clear foil to this perspective is Disney, which beat Google to come in 3rd as the only non-tech company in the top 4. Johnson and Johnson rounded up the top 5.

As Techcrunch notes, the tech vs non-tech sentiment was pretty strong up and down the list.

Technology also stood out in the rankings in another way: it topped Harris’ list of industries for overall reputation dominance, with a 79% positive reputation. Another marker of how tech continues to become increasingly mainstream.

Is it that online interactions are simply more convenient or have Americans grown to not enjoy face-to-face activities as much? We’ll check the trends this time next year.

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