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Amplify sound with this handmade ceramic megaphone

Amplify sound handmade ceramic megaphone

Our addiction to our smartphones is progressing and with its dependency we can easily identify what they lack, although in the grand scheme of things, it is not much to complain about. However, I am about to complain (lol). Nothing irks me more about a smartphone then its lack of sound amplification. Especially when I want to dance around to the music I purchased from the iStore.

Now you can have a fancy way to turn up the volume with your iPhone using the hand crafted megaphone all the way from Italy.  The megaphone’s back end allows you to place your Apple phone and enhances your volume, so whether you want to go hands-free while you move around and still be able to hear or if you just want your music louder like I do, this is a tremendously fashionable way to do it.


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