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An Alternative For The Velcro-Footed Gentleman

Blake Bevin is some kind of hero-person. I’ve never quite handled tying my own shoes – I mean, like, sure I can do it easily enough, but it’s always kind of sloppy, y’know? Nothing I’d wear to a fancy party. Actually, to be honest, I probably wouldn’t wear Blake’s design to a fancy party, either. But she’s certainly on the right track. Check it out!

Apparently, these were in Back to the Future II or something – I only saw the film once, and I was, like, 11. But my failure as a geek aside, these shoes rule. Rocking the Arduino, Blake has replaced the knowledge required to tie one’s shoes with a force sensor that recognizes your incoming foot and tightens the shoe accordingly. Awesome? Yes. Dapper? …Blake’s working on it. “Due to budget constraints,” she admits, “I only modified one shoe.” It’s alright, Blake. I’m in no hurry to bust these out at a wine-tasting party or anything. Take your time.

Leave it to a girl to come up with this, am I right, guys? Am I right? Yeah, girls like shoes, yeah. Of course a girl would come up with this. Man, girls are gross. They have, like, cooties and stuff. Let’s go grunt and be sweaty, guys.

But first, let’s watch this demonstration.

What do you think?

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